King of the Moon

The final cover crop

What made me write this book?

Funnily enough I was in the bath and thinking, as one does, about things one would never normally think of whilst relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet in the bathroom. That is, I was thinking about green issues. ‘What’s wrong with that?’ I can almost hear you ask… well, in essence nothing. But… why do we only care about protecting the planet? Why don’t we think about protecting ourselves, I asked myself.

Why do we kill each other, as if killing each other is a great thing. ‘Hey look, I’ve just killed this chappie lying here with half a million bullets in his body’, not to mention leaving a child fatherless, or a father, son-less. Well, bully for you! It’s not really that great, is it?

I lay in the warm water thinking up ways to avoid killing people:

Option 1: Take away their guns.
Reality: They get some more.

Option 2: Shoot them.
Reality: That makes me as bad as they are and defeats the object.

Option 3: Talk to them and convince them that what they are doing is wrong.
Reality: Someone else can do the same thing and tell them they are right.

Option 4: Hypnotise them and make them stop shooting at people.
Reality: Hypnosis is only as good as self persuasion. It doesn’t work.


Well… what do you do? How do you stop people from killing people?

I had a brainwave! What if you altered they way people think using some kind of chemical which, combined with deep hypnosis really did work?

What a great idea! That would work, wouldn’t it?

Until the bad guys got hold of the chemical!

One man’s great idea is another man’s secret weapon!

Whooooosshhhh… brainwave became the plot for a book! I dashed out of my bath and began writing – and finished the book over 10 years later… but what the heck… it’s here now!

King of the Moon is about how the misuse of such a combined, chemical / hypnotherapy treatment (I called it genbriotic hypnotherapy in the book) can cause absolute mayhem!

If you want to read the printed book email for details and keep an eye on the Amazon website for the Kindle version – coming soon!

Publisher: Gold Stone Publishing, PO Box PO Box 6415 Leighton Buzzard, LU7 6EL, United Kingdom

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