It pays to be considerate in your car

Car flying

I drive to the office every day. The same route mostly, so I know pretty much what to expect. I know what time of day is busy and what time of day is quiet. I know when the school half, and end of terms occur purely by not seeing the children waiting for the school bus in Stoke Hammond, or when I pick up a colleague as part of the car-share scheme at the university for which I work. On school days there is usually a group of teenagers congregating at the end of his street, waiting for the school bus.

There is a stretch of road in Fenny Stratford, between two roundabouts where right turning traffic (from the other side of the road in the UK) can easily cause a traffic jam if drivers do not allow them to make their turn. I am one of those drivers who drive ahead, and know that if I do not, I could be party to the mindset of those drivers who are causing the traffic jams in which they sit. If the traffic builds up on the right side of the road, it will go all the way back to the roundabout which I want to cross. When that happens, the roundabout will be blocked and cars on both sides of the road will become gridlocked. This will cause another traffic jam behind my car. Oh joy!

The reason I mention this is that I have also noticed that when I give way to someone, especially if they are joining the traffic in front of me, they invariably give way to someone who wants to join the traffic in front of them. It is a simple gesture which carries its own reward. This is particularly evident on a busy Saturday when passing through the town in which I live.

The next time you are caught up in traffice on a busy stretch of road and someone wants to cut in front of you from the other side of the road – let them! If you do not, you may find that you are one of the drivers who quite literally get themselves into a bit of a jam!

It pays to be considerate. After all… cars cannot fly!

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