Repaired Sisters

I have reached my 60th milestone and a little beyond. Life is amazing, is it not? The small child that pops out from its mother’s womb has no idea what is in store for it. Take me. I was not even supposed to be born! I was an unexpected twin to a girl born ten minutes earlier. No-one was expecting me. I was my mother’s biggest surprise! That is me on your left and my twin is on your right. My younger sister stands between us on the photo.

From that day on my life has been full of surprises.

Who would have thought I would lose my favourite doll at nursery school? On that day I learned that some people take things without asking. That was more of a shock – I did like that doll!

At infant school, how was I supposed to know I was there to listen to someone I did not know, teach me about things I did not want to know? I was more interested in everything else that went on in the classroom. Being asked to stand behind the blackboard just because I stood up to reach out to a tiny speck of gold dust floating in a ray of sunshine was a grave injustice to a little girl like me! I took solace in poking my tongue out at my classmates when the teacher was not looking my way.

At junior school little did I know that the wall that rose above my head (and I thought I was so brave jumping down to ground level from it) was actually only about three feet tall! Was I ever so small?

At senior school I never thought that one day I would leave and have to go out to work. On my last day I wanted to stay on another year, even after having already stayed on for an extra year! Having to grow up was another surprise – it scared me!

After accepting that there was no way out after leaving school, I found working for a living was achievable, but you just never know who you’ll meet along the way. I met my husband (now ex) in my place of work. Surprising though it may seem, I knew I was going to marry him weeks before I even spoke to him! Don’t ask! You’d never believe it!

I always believed I knew what I wanted. I wanted daughters, and they both now have the names I gave them as they rode for nine months in my womb. I did not for one moment imagine I would have a boy, so I did not! I love my daughters dearly, but it is weird how you sometimes can be wrong about what you think you want? After seeing how other mothers and sons go through life I think that having a son is as much of a blessing.

Another surprise arrived after publishing my first novel ‘King of the Moon’. I like thrillers but I never thought I’d actually write one. I have always written one way or another, mostly by keeping journals. I tried to write a book when I was in my twenties but it never quite got there. ‘King of the Moon’ emerged from a train of thought in the bath. Had it not been for that day I would never have written a book. Who would have believed it? I’m still surprised by the great reviews. After publishing it, I hoped people would like it, and they seem to. It is selling well, in print and digital format.

I currently enjoy another surprise – I have found that I actually like gardening. Who would have thought I would not mind mucking in among the compost, not throwing up at the sight of a worm, growing tomatoes and visiting garden centres?

Life never ceases to amaze me. I hope yours does too.

© Vee W Selburn 2014

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